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Highway Guardrails

The freeway guardrail is composed of two corrugated steel guardrails and two posts fixedly clamped between the two. The two posts are clamped between two corrugated steel guardrails. When the highway is in normal operation, the guardrail can be easily inserted into the pre-installed insertion hole at the opening to protect and isolate the guardrail from the outside of the road. It is uniform and beautiful.
When the vehicle collides with it, because the corrugated steel guardrail has good impact resistance and energy absorption, it is not easily crashed, and it can also play a good role in protecting the vehicle and passengers. When road maintenance or other reasons need to be communicated, it is convenient to pull out and remove the columns of the guard rails at the opening to open a passage to facilitate the passage of vehicles.


It has the advantages of good impact resistance, low cost, long life, higher safety, and environmental protection. Uses: Highway collision avoidance facilities, isolation and other facilities.
1. The corrugated beam guardrail is the main form of the semi-steel guardrail. It is a continuous structure in which corrugated steel guard plates are spliced to each other and supported by columns.
2. It uses the deformation of soil bases, columns and beams to absorb impact energy.
3, wave beam guardrail steel soft phase and.

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Post time: May-05-2018

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